3 Tips to Get 100% Adoption on Broker Provided Technology


Published By: SkySlope
July 16, 2018

| Topic: Digital Transaction Management

You’ve spent months researching a new technology for transaction or customer management — and you’ve been told it will optimize the way your brokerage does business. But the pitfall often comes after launch. How can you be certain your employees will adopt the technology you’ve invested in and not simply fall back to the traditional approach they’re familiar with? Afterall, change is hard.

No matter how revolutionary a tool or technology, you want your team to be able to quickly adopt a new process and put it to use. After all, the more adoption, the better your ROI.

Here are three tips on how to get 100 percent adoption as you expand and upgrade your technology.

1. From the top down

Brokers and admins must entirely buy into the technology they implement. As a broker, you may not be a power user but you have to understand how the software alleviates pain points for your team. Dipping your toes in isn’t enough. If you want to provide real value from your investment, you have to do a cannonball from the high dive. It might seem scary at first, but going “all in” will make a huge splash.

2. Create and leverage early adopters

It’s not enough that you believe in the product. As the decision maker, you are the flint, but your initial adopters are the spark. Their investment will ignite and encourage those who are more hesitant to adopt new technology. Allow your most influential agents to have a say in the decision-making process. They will become your biggest promoters.

Once you have a few early adopters, ask them to spread the word. Invite them to trainings to talk about their success in using specific tools or products. Agents love recognition, and highlighting their success is crucial when it comes to mass adoption. Ever heard of FOMO? The ‘fear of missing out’ is one of the biggest motivators when it comes to agent adoption.

3. Choose vendors who act as partners

When you are considering vendors, think about those who serve as collaborators with your admins and agents. Choose vendors that provide ongoing training and have reliable support. When it comes to adopting software, you don’t want to leave your agents and admins stranded.

Questions to ask when soliciting vendors:

  • Is there 24/7 support? Agents never stop working, so a vendor’s support team needs to be readily available and easily accessible. The best vendors provide round-the-clock support with convenient access and quick response times.
  • What’s the onboarding and training process? Is the vendor willing to come on-site for hands-on training? No one knows a product better than the people who create it. Webinars are fine but in-person, interactive trainings will provide the best bang for your buck. Furthermore, continued training and support promotes adoption and is often the added motivation agents need.
  • Is the system customizable so it fits into your process? This is especially important. Consistent communication with agents and admins uncovers areas of improvement for the vendor and encourages the customer to have a voice in terms of what they need to help make their lives easier.

A final disclaimer: Don’t change the process

Agents are more likely to adopt technology that replicates their current routine, especially if that technology makes their process more efficient. Be forewarned, change is hard, no matter how small. Any new operation you deploy should be simple and intuitive for the user, and not deviate too much from their typical process.

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