Product Roundup: August Edition

It’s been a great year so far! We’ve been busy releasing new solutions, features, and updates. It’s an exciting time at SkySlope and we’re thrilled to show you what we’ve been up to.

Our latest enhancements boast both functionality and efficiency so you can spend less time managing transactions and more time connecting with your clients.



Full-Screen Split & Assign

The same great tool, now available on the “big screen!” Prior to this release, the Split & Assign display would open in a smaller pop-up window, making it more difficult to view the document and use the available functions. Now, this time-saving tool opens full-screen! 

New! Office Manager Role

The new Office Manager role fills the gap between Limited TC and Admin accounts. Office Managers can create, access, and edit files for all agents in the same office but but the role does not include the compliance permissions like approving and rejecting documents. 

Learn all about the Office Manager role → 


SkySlope Forms

The following updates are available to accounts in SkySlope Forms enabled states.

Send from Mobile

This new feature expands user capability on mobile devices! Now our Forms users can complete the entire workflow — from adding and filling forms, to sending forms — via their phone’s mobile browser. See it in action here →

Auto-Add Addenda

Our newest feature available in SkySlope Forms allows users to auto-add addenda to make text overflow a streamlined experience. Now, on compatible forms, when the text you’ve entered exceeds the character limit, a coordinating addendum will automatically be added to your form, and bring all of the extra text with it! Rather than being prompted to shorten the clause or copy the text, manually add an addendum, and then paste your text, an addendum will be added immediately following the forms where you’ve exceeded the text limit. 

Availability: OREA and C.A.R. libraries 

Click here to learn more →

Print File on Envelopes Tab

With this new update, users will now be able to print their Completed, In Progress, and Sent Envelopes directly from the Envelopes tab of a Forms file. Previously, users needed to download the Envelope and print from their computer after downloading.


Printing from Bulk Fill Page

In addition to now being able to print from the Envelopes tab, users can now also print directly from the Forms Bulk Fill Page when filling out forms. Previously, users needed to download the forms and print from their computer after downloading. 



Available in CA, AZ, WA, OR, & NV. And coming soon to TX!

Breeze gives agents the ability to prepare and send disclosures like the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement at lightning speed. Breeze requires minimal preparation for agents to prepare and send disclosures to their clients in minutes, from anywhere. For home sellers, Breeze’s guided workflow helps simplify complicated and confusing disclosure forms—getting them completed quickly and with more confidence and accuracy.

Breeze Features

  • Streamlined disclosure preparation equipped with MLS data sync
  • Status visibility, notifications, and easy revision requests
  • Simple guided workflows with helpful tips for consumers
  • Equipped with SkySlope DigiSign for free and unlimited digital signatures
  • Seamlessly integrated with SkySlope’s suite of products

Learn how to use Breeze →


Coming Soon! SkySlope Offers

We believe everyone deserves a fair shot at home ownership and stand against discrimination. That’s why we created a new offer management solution that helps agents organize offers in one place— where every offer and every person gets the representation they deserve. 

Learn More →


Upcoming Events

Daily Webinars

Need to brush up on the SkySlope basics? Fear not! Every week, our Customer Success Team provides several brief training sessions that review the basic functions and processes of SkySlope with live Q&A at the end!

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Product Roundup: August Edition

It’s been a great year so far! We’ve been busy...