SkySlope Round Up: August Edition

With our vision of keeping brokers and agents connected to their customers forever, we’re dedicated to providing the most innovative real estate technology. We believe lifelong connections and strong relationships are the backbone of the real estate industry. All of us at SkySlope are driven to build products and support our customers in the name of our mission.

Our latest updates to the SkySlope platform showcase integrations and forward-thinking technology to help you work more efficiently — spend less time on the paperwork so you can spend more time connecting with your partners and clients.

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Product Releases and Updates

It’s Official! SkySlope Forms have been released in Arizona

And we’ll soon be releasing to Texas and Colorado!

With SkySlope Forms, transactions become faster, more flexible, and are now fully integrated with SkySlope’s best-in-class digital transaction management software and DigiSign, our exceptional digital signature. SkySlope Forms delivers a seamless experience for everyone involved in a transaction, from contract to close. Learn more about when Forms will be available for your association.

Attach Checklist Items with Drag-and-Drop

Attaching an item to your checklist has never been easier. You can now use the drag-and-drop feature to attach items. Drag-and-drop items directly onto the checklist or into the attachment area. This update not only saves time but it’s especially useful for when you already have your documents split and ready to attach.

Watch the video to see the checklist drag-and-drop in action.


Select Checklist Items On Update Agent Email

Auditors this one’s for you!  When sending emails using the Update Agent email feature, you can now select which checklist items to include in your email. Select checklist items based on status or send the entire checklist. By default, clicking Update Agent without making a specific selection will continue to send the entire checklist. Now, when you’re dealing with long checklists, you only have to send the most pertinent items.

Select checklist items

Additional Natural Hazard Disclosure Options Now Available

We’ve added a non-environmental report option when ordering an NHD. In both Skye and on the Listing/Transaction Checklist you will also notice the prices listed for reports. This release is available specifically to users in California.

→  You can read more and subscribe to monthly recaps of SkySlope releases on our Release Notes page.

Highlights from the Blog

Protecting Your Brokerage: Guaranteed in the Contract

SkySlope Data SecurityUsing technology is an absolute necessity when it comes to running your business. In fact, you probably several, if not countless, software vendors (from digital signatures to email to cloud storage). It is vital that you feel confident with your software partners when it comes to your business and your client’s data. Here are a few tips on what to look for in a technology partner. Read more.

In 2019, wire fraud contributed to the loss of $5 billion. However, SkySlope handles over one million transactions annually with no security breaches.

Safety and Privacy: The SkySlope System

What are HTTPS certificates and cryptographic hash functions and what in the heck do they have to do with real estate? When handling extremely large transactions, you want to make sure your transaction management platform is top-notch. Learn about what SkySlope does to protect your data. Read more.

Whether you’re averse to technology or have a degree in computer science, consider this post a breakdown of what keeps SkySlope so trusted.

Do More with SkySlope

New Resource: Printable User Guides

Our Support, Customer Success, and Creative teams came together to create printable SkySlope user guides for admins and agents. Click here to download printable user guides.

Convert a Listing into a Transaction

When your listing has an accepted offer and the buyer’s docs are ready to be uploaded, the process is a piece of cake! Learn how to convert your Listing into a Transaction and upload documents to the Transaction Checklist. Get the full rundown here.

Upcoming Events

SkySlope Master Classes

Our Customer Success team hosts weekly webinars to help you brush up on your SkySlope skills. Each webinar is about 15 minutes and explores a new, interesting topic, like “Managing your checklists”. Sign up for an upcoming class or watch a recording from our archive.

Stay Connected

Follow along with our Release notes page to get all our latest product update news and enhancement details as soon as they are released.

Have a suggestion for how to improve SkySlope? We want to hear from you. Add your feature suggestions here.


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