The game-changing productivity tool built for Canada’s Real Estate industry

As seen on Real Estate Magazine, Canada

As spring breaks, the real estate market is showing signs of its own thaw. While housing inventory remains low, buyers are re-emerging and agents are reporting an uptick in multiple bids.

It’s a pivotal moment for agents. Even with buyers becoming more motivated, lead generation takes significant effort, eating into time for other crucial tasks. To counteract the amount of time lead gen takes, it’s critical that agents utilize technology solutions to speed up their productivity.

Managing transaction paperwork faster doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. 

In fact, many solutions that maximize productivity are already included in major Canadian

real estate organizations’ member benefits packages.

Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) is licensing its form library to digital forms solution SkySlope Forms and the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) has partnered with SkySlope Forms to provide their Members with effective, time-saving tools. The trick is knowing what resources are available and understanding their full power and potential.

SkySlope is the efficiency-enhancing solution for real estate professionals

For Canadian agents equipped with TRREB and OREA form libraries, SkySlope Forms dramatically speeds up the time it takes to complete real estate transactions.

Serving more than 650,000 real estate professionals across North America, SkySlope has long been one of the proptech industry’s biggest players. Their transaction management solutions are designed around a core philosophy to reduce agent screen time to give agents more free time.

When agents use SkySlope Forms, they’ll find their productivity is enhanced by SkySlope’s built-in automation. Pre-populating data fields, for instance, reduce the need for agents to re-enter transaction information multiple times. Pre-mapped data fields automatically transition human-entered data from one form to the next while property data is pulled directly from the MLS to fill other fields.

Offering further automation support, is the SkySlope Forms mobile app. The Forms mobile app makes it easy for agents to keep their transactions on track, in the office and on-the-go, by keeping their forms synced in real-time across their desktops and mobile devices.

When added up, these automations greatly reduce the time it takes agents to complete transaction files, giving them back more time for profit-generating tasks like lead generation. Automation also reduces the likelihood of errors, meaning agents won’t need to spend as much time editing forms.

While on the topic of fixes; should an issue ever arise within the software, SkySlope is backed by an award-winning customer service team that is available 24/7. With a commitment to answering phone calls answered within 2 rings, chats within 10 seconds, and emails within 20 minutes, agents won’t have to waste time waiting for answers and resolutions, further increasing their productivity.

Don’t forget the productivity power of collaboration 

As agents consider other ways to maximize their productivity, the effectiveness of collaboration can’t be overlooked. Collaboration can take work off agents’ plates, once again allowing agents more time for client-facing activities with revenue potential.

In SkySlope Forms, collaboration is supported by built-in file sharing capabilities. With file sharing, agents can invite colleagues to prepare and send forms on their behalf. Working together maximizes speed, minimizes miscommunication (yet another time-suck for agents), and enhances an agent’s efficiency. 

Put productivity first to counteract a challenging market

When productivity is prioritized, agents spend less time on the manual work that powers their business’s day-to-day and have more time for profit generating tasks that possess uncapped potential. In a re-emerging market where landing clients is of the essence, this ratio is all the more important. SkySlope Forms, equipped with TRREB and OREA libraries, support efficiency by expediting processes with automation and supporting time-saving collaboration. 

Ready to enhance your productivity with SkySlope Forms? Try it now.

Written By SkySlope
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