The Security and Privacy of SkySlope: Safety 101

It’s a scary world out there

Your security and privacy are often in question when browsing the world wide web. The internet can be a risky place to conduct business, share private information, purchase goods, etc. Have you ever been browsing for new shoes, and then later see an ad for them pop up on a completely unrelated website? It can feel a little creepy. And while that’s just targeted marketing, it begs the question — How certain are you that your data is safe and secure?

In 2019 an estimated $2 trillion was reported in losses across the globe due to cybercrimes. This is why it’s important to ensure that everyone who uses SkySlope trusts that their data is protected. This post is a crash course on what makes SkySlope safe. If you have any questions not explained here, we are available to discuss if you reach out directly. For now, let’s chat about how your data is protected.

SkySlope and Amazon

You’ve probably heard of Amazon. If you’ve ever purchased anything from Amazon, you’ve had to input your credit card information and your address. We utilize the same security systems Amazon uses for our own data storage. SkySlope maintains all production systems inside Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Cloud Computing Platform. Think of Amazon as the big brother of our platform; making sure bullies can’t get to us or the information on our platform… your information.

You may have noticed most website addresses start with HTTPS. The S at the end is the important part because it means that the website is encrypted. This provides an SSL certificate which proves the authenticity of our software to your browser. This encryption also protects information entered into the site as it moves around the servers so that everything entered into your account is completely hidden to the naked eye. So that if a cybercriminal were even able to intercept it somehow they wouldn’t be able to read it or do anything with it.

We enable HTTPS on all HTTP connections regardless if they need it using the SHA2/SHA-256 hashing algorithm. Huh? A cryptographic hash function is a mathematical algorithm. When run against any content (document, sound, video, picture, etc.) it will always return a unique output result for unique input content. Cryptographic hashes are the backbone of almost every digital authentication and integrity process. Furthermore, any reputable online service today already utilizes the industry standard SHA2.

Safety inside and out

Okay, so your information is as safe as it gets against the internet when using our platform. But what about right here at our own offices? Your security and privacy aren’t just safe against external threats, but internal ones too. Access to production servers and databases in AWS must utilize an MFA(multi-factor authentication) protected VPN(virtual private networks) with encryption enabled. This is important, as studies show most hacks are from internal employees, so we only allow access to real customer data via strict security groups, VPNs, and MFA. We also enforce strict role-based access, meaning only staff with critical need-to-know can access our production environment. Every one of our production environments is completely isolated from other environments at SkySlope. This means someone from a non-engineering dept won’t be able to easily find their way into your sensitive data.

You can trust us

What a mouthful! As detailed as that was, that’s just scratching the surface. We could go further, but the purpose of this article is more to give the average customer or anyone interested, an overview of what makes us on par with all the other major sites you already trust. It is estimated that by 2027, global spending on cybersecurity will reach $10 billion, and rest assured SkySlope will be a part of that spending as we continue to take our user security and privacy very seriously. I hope this puts your mind a little bit at ease, as we assure you that we take the privacy and safety of our customers and even non-customers who visit our service, very seriously. Because the internet can be a scary place, and we want you to know that SkySlope is an exception.

Written By SkySlope
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