Collecting, comparing & accepting offers has never been easier.

With SkySlope Offers, all the details are right at your fingertips.


SkySlope Offers represents every potential buyer equally.


Data without bias

Data removes all opportunities for bias. All offers are presented equally.


Every offer and person represented

Offers takes the bias out of traditional offer rankings.


Communication for all

Never leave potential buyers out of the loop.


Filter offers without bias, putting every offer equally up front to sellers.

Easily share offers with your sellers.

View Offers

Easily manage offers all on one, beautifully laid out page.


Easily organize offers without bias by drag and drop.


Easily share offers in a beautiful, unbiased way with the sellers.

Link Offers

Easily share offer link so buyer agents can directly submit offers

Easily start new offers.

Curious about SkySlope transaction management?

SkySlope provides digital transaction management and services to help agents close deals in compliance with their brokerages. Helping you work efficiently, from automation to integration, SkySlope helps agents get paid on time by providing best-in-class brokerage tools.