Everything you need to collect, compare, and accept offers like a pro

With SkySlope Offers, you can compare, accept, and counter offers with a single click

Discover offers made easy
and equitable

At-a-glance data
Every offer is displayed, sorted, and compared by multiple data points, including price, closing period, contingencies, and more.

Shareable transparency
When enabled, buyer agents are automatically alerted when their offer is sent and viewed.

Objectivity, prioritized
Buyer details — including buyer names — are obscured during the offer evaluation process to prevent the potential for bias.

Create a custom listing link with Offers

Buyer agents can use the link to directly submit
offers on a property.

Innovation for listing agents

Built to prevent bias

When an offer is made on a home, SkySlope Offers conceals the buyer names to ensure privacy, as well as keep potential implicit bias at bay.

Incentives for buyer’s agents

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Partners in Tech
Propel your association into the future with a tech-forward solution that establishes you as an industry innovator.

Automation Assistance Eliminate redundant work for members with efficiency-centric solutions that reduce keystroke and replicate data when needed.
24/7 Support Provide your members with around-the-clock support from a dedicated, award-winning support team.

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