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Meet SkySlope Books, a powerful real estate back office accounting and commission disbursement solution that makes bookkeeping a breeze.

Fast, effective accounting for real estate brokerages.


Dashboards, Widgets, Reporting & Data Insights

Choose what to share across your organization with partitioned data and tiered access. Measure agent, team or office performance with real-time data dashboards. Specify custom data and generate reports in seconds

A fully-loaded data dashboard and customized reporting for your team.

Reporting & Data Insights

Get a bird’s-eye-view of your business with Books dashboard, filled with brokerage data and agent performance metrics.

Automated Accounting

Simplify complicated real estate commissions and accurately apply fees, royalties, and tiered commission splits with Books' customizable calculation formulas.

Organize Transactions

SkySlope's core platform makes it simple for agents to complete transactions to your brokerage's standards.

End-to-End Deal Management

Take charge of your deals with an intuitive suite of tools for visualizing deal status, managing contacts, prioritizing tasks, and coordinating transaction documents. Customizable commission profiles allow for even the most complicated team structures to be automated.

Measure agent, team or office performance with real-time data dashboards

"Integrating both with SkySlope and now Books, has helped us stay ahead of the curve and offer these simple ways for our agents to be able to stay in compliance and get paid as quickly as possible."
Jamie Mertz

Fast, modern, and secure banking

Bookkeeping is made simple with the elimination of manual data entry. Easily pay disbursements, invoices, recurring fees, and charges while reconciling payments with your bank feeds and chart of accounts.

Instant transfers and modern banking for real estate agents and brokerages.

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Set your brokerage on autopilot.

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