5 Reasons Admins Love SkySlope—and Why You Will Too


Published By: SkySlope
April 20, 2018

| Topic: Digital Transaction Management

The real estate market is booming! In fact, it’s the healthiest it has been in about 30 years. All of this activity means growth, and many of our clients are onboarding more and more agents. That’s great news for you and your real estate agents—but maybe not such great news for your admins!

As you know, the admin role can be a demanding one. They work with and support high-volume Realtors, which can make things quite chaotic. Every day, they’re multi-taking—trying to keep things organized and compliant while managing offices, training agents, supporting front-line staff, and more. On top of that, they’re probably trying to navigate multiple accounts across different software platforms.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could make their job a little—no, make that a lot—easier? After all, your office counts on your admins, and if they’re experiencing stress and setbacks, everyone feels the hurt!

That’s one reason over 1,700 brokerages across the country have put their trust in SkySlope Digital Transaction Management (DTM). DTM streamlines the real estate transaction process, from listing through closing. Admins are able to work smarter, not harder, and they’re better able to support your agents—and take on more of them.

Here are the top five reasons admins everywhere have taken a shine to SkySlope and its many features!

  1. Training and Support

Taking on a new technology can be intimidating for the technophobe, sometimes even the tech-savvy. But SkySlope makes the transition easy, with personalized training and live, 24/7/365 support.

  1. User-Friendly Dashboard

The SkySlope dashboard allows admins to easily manage current listings and transactions without having to toggle between various applications.

  1. Real-Time Compliance Tracking

Remembering who sent what and when they sent it can be a challenge! With real-time compliance tracking, every interaction, text message, and email is captured and stored within a scannable log. It provides a digital footprint of the life cycle of the entire transaction.

  1. Mobile Functionality

Just like real estate agents, admins are are often on 24/7. But who wants to be strapped to their desk all day and night? Now, admins can retrieve and send information quickly from the convenience of their mobile device—even while sitting on the couch enjoying a glass of wine.

  1. Total Integration

SkySlope acts as a central hub for the all the tools admins use on a daily basis. From CRM to accounting, all transaction details are seamlessly linked across every application.

Rave Reviews From Admins Online

It’s no surprise that real estate administrators are sharing their love of SkySlope online!

On G2 Crowd, an unbiased user review site, one admin writes, “I love the checklist/review capability. [It’s a] great way to communicate to agents if they have provided all of the necessary docs.”

Fellow admin Jeremiah Daly says, “The 24/7 support eased the transition for our agents and support staff. The user-interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate.”

These are just some of the reasons admins (and their agents) love SkySlope. Know what you’ll love? The real-time brokerage analytics. You will be able to effortlessly dive into the inner-working of your business, making more informed decisions through instant metrics and insights. With SkySlope, you get a 360-degree view of your business and everyone’s performance.

The whole world’s gone digital—now it’s your time to make the move (and make your admins smile!)

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