Small Brokerages Save Big With Digital Transaction Management


Published By: SkySlope
May 9, 2018

| Topic: Digital Transaction Management

When it comes to Digital Transaction Management, there can be the perception that, “Oh, that’s just for the big guys.”

Don’t tell that to Bill Buetow, broker/owner of Pollock Pines Real Estate. Located in El Dorado County, California high up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the small, close-knit community has a population of under 7,000. So it may not be surprising that Pollock Pines Real Estate has under five agents on staff.

With his right-hand woman, admin Kelly Creamer at his side, we recently sat down with this dynamic duo to talk with them about the benefits they’re experiencing using SkySlope.

Saving Money by Saving Paper

Kelly immediately shows the rows of filing cabinets which now sit unused. “Each drawer probably weighed about 400 pounds,” says Kelly.

“And now it’s all on disks!” says Bill.

“No, we don’t use disks Bill, it’s all online!”

Clearly, when it comes to managing SkySlope’s technology, Kelly’s in control on this team.

“We’re saving a ton of money on paper now,” says Bill, and Kelly confirms that Pollock Pines Real Estate saves an estimated $2,500 per year as a paperless office with SkySlope.

Regulatory Relief

But that’s not all. The industry has become so regulation intensive, Bill finds it increasingly hard to keep up with the changes. And while agents can be hesitant to learn a new program, ultimately Kelly says it was the best thing for the brokerage—and it eliminates the concern that the California Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) will come knocking when they’re least prepared!

In addition, Bill and Kelly express how easy it is now to take calls from title companies, banks, and clients; whereas these calls could once have been very time-consuming, now everything they need is at their fingertips. “I don’t even have to go into the office some days,” says Kelly, and in a town known to get its share of snowfall, that can be a lifesaver.

An All-in-One Solution

Kelly continues: “We have these 970-page packets come in, and we’d have to split it across different programs performing different tasks. SkySlope streamlines all that … it makes it that much easier for agents to do their job, not having to use 20 different programs.”

Bill sums up the SkySlope advantage nicely, “[SkySlope makes] everything simpler and easy to access and work with. When you know you can take care of a transaction and client, without hassle, that’s great. Just let me punch the buttons and do my work!”

Work Like the Big Guys

While it’s true that SkySlope serves 48% of the country’s top brokerages, including Keller Williams, Century 21, and RE/MAX, we also enjoy working with small firms like Pollock Pines Realty. Seeing a small brokerage with less than five agents embrace the very latest in real estate technology is very rewarding.

Ready to take your small brokerage to the next level? Learn more about SkySlope on our YouTube channel or contact us today.

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